Kevin Kisner ready for another bruising playoff at Wyndham C’ship

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Heading into the FedExCup Playoffs, Kevin Kisner is alive that another strong show at the Wyndham Championship will set him up well. Photo:

Kevin Kisner displayed nerves of steel to be the last man standing in a six-man playoff at the Wyndham Championship last year. Those powerful moments will drive him as he gets ready to defend his crown. Excerpts from an interview.

We’ll go ahead and get started with Kevin Kisner, our defending champion here at the Wyndham Championship. Kevin, first of all, if you can take us back to the victory last year at Sedgefield.

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Kevin: Yeah, I love Sedgefield, love coming back to Greensboro and the Wyndham Championship. This is a great tournament hosted by great people, and fortunate enough to come prevail out of a six-man playoff was really awesome. So excited to get going here again in 2022 and try to do it again.


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A few of our biggest tournaments obviously coming up, you’re looking for your sixth trip to East Lake. I know that’s your goal each year. If you can talk a little bit about the state of your game coming into this week and how you’re ready to make that final push.

Kevin: Yeah, this is it. This is a big stretch to win the FedExCup and you have to
be at East Lake to win it. So the goal is to go there and have a chance. I’m right on the
verge, I just need to play solid these next few weeks and everything will take care of itself.

Just kind of describe what it was like to go through that six-way winner-take-all

Kevin: Yeah, I think I said it last year, it almost felt like a hit-and-giggle with 20 people inside the ropes on one hole and nobody knew who was furthest away and whose turn it was and coins everywhere on the green when we got close to making the putts. So it was fun. I remember getting in the cart after the first hole and I asked the official, I said, Did everyone make par, and all six did and we had balls everywhere if you recall. So It was
pretty amazing that all six of us made par on the first hole.

Can you expand on how you’re playing coming into this week?

Kevin: I played solid last week. I missed the cut, but had a bad putting day on Friday. I haven’t seen bermudagrass in a long time for the summer, so I’m looking forward to the next two weeks on bermudagrass.

What is the key here at Sedgefield?

Kevin: Well, you’ve got to drive it straight, for sure. It’s awfully narrow. Then I
think the greens are so perfect that you can hole a lot of putts, so you’ve got to get hot with the putter.