Season’s best for Arjun Sharma, and its about a new perspective

Arjun Sharma - TheGolfingHub
Arjun Sharma finished Day 1 of the Players Championship one shot off the lead at the Coimbatore Golf Club. Photo Credit: Arjun Sharma

Arjun Sharma just shot his season’s best card on the Professional Golf Tour of India.

The bogey-free 5-under 67 at the Coimbatore Golf Club is a promising start after the break, and the T2 holds out hope after the way the year has panned out.

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Day 1 of the Players Championship was a far cry from the rather barren look to Arjun’s stats in 2022 — a top-15 in Chandigarh just before the Tour went into the summer break.


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The time away was spent on getting fitter, given his brush with injuries in the past, and sharper on the greens. More importantly, it was giving shape to a new perspective for tournament weeks as PGTI looks at a packed second half.

It was put to test, and Arjun can claim success with the tactic of “playing smart, not going for the tough flags and making use of the par-5s”.


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“Normally, I’m aggressive when playing well. On the 3rd I got stuck but could still go for the flag. The Arjun of yore would have still gone for it, but not today.”