For Kartik Sharma, golf means the blinkers are on

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The risk Kartik Sharma took at 11 by switching from tennis to golf has paid dividend down the line.

Ever since he made the transition from tennis to golf at 11, Kartik Sharma’s journey has been about taking risks and pulling them off.

Sans grit and focus, it would have been tough to start from scratch after making a mark in the racquet sport.

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That risk was born on the greens of the Army golf course in Mathura, not exactly the ideal breeding ground, but it has paid dividend down the line.

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Kartik, 21, finished the 2020-21 season on the Professional Golf Tour of India as the top emerging player, and the pock-marked calendar has seen instances that sum up his journey.

Punching above the weight is what drives him, be it teeing off with 103.5 fever in Jaipur or shooting a 59 and 60 for ballistic rounds across tournaments.

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Outside golf, Kartik has set up home by himself in Gurgaon and claims his culinary skills are good too!

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