Looking back: Seamless transition and prolific run for Gaurika Bishnoi

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Gaurika Bishnoi, who recently celebrated five years on the WGAI, looks back with a lot of fondness. Photo: Virendra Singh Gosain.

Gaurika Bishnoi can’t thank parents, Lalit and Poonam, enough for the way she was brought up.

Like in any Bishnoi household, the children are instilled with a value system that is hard to come by in modern times. While simplicity is the essence, playing by the rules and accountability are among the other hallmarks that define the community.

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In Gaurika’s case, these have proved to be able allies on the golf course, and also the reason why she was able to bridge the gulf between amateur and professional golf without much fuss and even covered herself with glory in her rookie year.

The 23-year-old, who has learnt to stay unperturbed irrespective of how a day pans out at play, recounts the phenomenal 2017 season.

“Finishing No 1 on the Women’s Golf Association of India order of merit in my first year of playing professional golf was my standout moment. I won an event at the Royal Calcutta Golf Club and had multiple runner-up finishes in 2017. The transition from amateur golf to professional golf was a big step, but I was ready for it.

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“Having represented my country in international events like the World Amateur Championship and Queen Sirikit Cup got me ready for the big stage. Initially, it was quite a challenge to settle in with a lot of new faces and even more travelling, but eventually I overcame all hurdles. Pro golf taught me the importance of being responsible and groomed me into a more confident adult.”

Gaurika celebrated five years on the pro circuit in November 2020 and though she has had her share of trials and tribulations along the way, she is banking on her work ethics to emerge victorious once again.

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