Armed with Mom’s blessings, twins ready for pro challenge

Bishmadpal Singh - TheGolfingHub
Bishmadpal Singh and twin Brashwarpal Singh during practice at the Chandigarh Golf Club.

When Brashwarpal Singh injured his back recently during fitness and was laid low for three months, lying on the couch and watching twin and fellow amateur Bishmadpal Singh leave home for the Chandigarh Golf Club wasn’t easy.

“I was jealous,” he says.

That was an athlete expressing his angst. There are other ways to show brotherly love, but the golf course is not the place.

Their careers have kept pace though, and going with it, both finished top-5 at Professional Golf Tour of India’s Pre-Qualifying 1 at the Kalhaar Blues and Greens Golf Club in Ahmedabad recently.

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Notes for the Final Stage are being made and will be put to use when the time comes, but not a day passes when the brothers don’t make it a point to reflect on the role of mother in shaping their careers.

Especially, the yearlong phase when she drove close to 100kms from Fatehgarh Sahib to Chandigarh to take her boys for practice.

It wasn’t easy, for the twins or their mother. Bishmadpal and Brashwarpal would finish school in the afternoon and then get dropped by the school bus at a point where the mother would be waiting. Meals and changing into the golfing attire all took place in the car so that not a minute was wasted when they reached the destination.

As time was short, especially during winters, practice was all that occupied them. Unknown to them, the frenetic schedule took a toll on the body but stoked a fire that has led them on a path of discovery.

Time will tell if the toil will translate into success on the pro tour, and should that happen the boys know who to thank.

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