Usha’s 13th DGC Junior Tournament a boon for Keya Badugu, Jujhar Singh

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Keya Badugu (left) and Jujhar Singh emerged winners at the recent Usha 13th Junior Golf Tournament at the Delhi Golf Club. Photo Credit: Usha International

One of the remarkable aspects of golf is its ability to impart life lessons. The ups and downs on the golf course mirror the challenges of life, teaching resilience and patience. Frustration after a poor shot and the subsequent drive to improve fosters determination. The lessons learned on the course extend beyond the game.

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Recently, Usha International, a brand that supports multiple sports from the grass-root to national level, hosted the 13th Junior/Sub Junior Golf Tournament at the Delhi Golf Club.

Here’s a peek into the winners’ journey:

Keya K Badugu, 16, winner of the DGC Junior/Sub-Junior Golf Tournament, got interested in golf when she was just 10. A second-generation golfer, Keya recalls watching her father playing at the Delhi Golf Club and how her fascination for the game spurred her to take up the sport.


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Keya’s journey began with the Usha Junior Golf Training Programme at the Delhi Golf Club under coach Chirag Kumar. Even though she wasn’t sure when she started, she now wants golf as a profession, aspiring to represent India at the Olympics someday, a goal towards which she is working hard. Keya’s growth as a golfer is testament to her hard work and unparalleled grit.

Wearing her achievements lightly, Keya is grateful to her teachers for prioritizing her practice, which at times requires her to miss school. Having said so, she works doubly hard to ensure she’s on top in academics. Besides her passion for golf, Keya is also learning Udupi, a classical dance form, and dabbles in painting too.

Jujhar Singh: Hailing from a small town of Bhankharpur in Punjab, Jujhar was just 6 when his father handed him plastic golf clubs on his birthday. Little did he know that the present would be the starting point of Jujhar’s journey in golf. A hard working player, Jujhar aspires to become a pro golfer.


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At 18, Jujhar has already won multiple national and international accolades, making his country and his parents proud. His journey began at the Chandigarh Golf Club, and while he may have lost count of the trophies won, Jujhar fondly remembers representing India at the 2019 Malaysia Junior World Championship, where he finished runner-up. Recently, Jujhar finished second in the IGU Northern India Junior Boys Championship.

Proud of having won at the Delhi Golf Club’s 13th Junior/Sub-Junior Golf Tournament, Jhujhar mentions it is brands like Usha International that fuel the dreams of young golfers like him.