Light at the end of the tunnel? Manav Bais hopes so

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Manav Bais finished joint leader at PGTI's Pre-Qualifying 1 and he hopes it will be a stepping stone.

Who knows, but for the debilitating back injury towards the close of 2019, Manav Bais’ learning on the pro circuit could have been on.

The mind taut but high on hope, Manav secured his card in 2019 through Q-School and embarked on a journey that promised to be enriching. Never mind the jolts, one cut in eight starts, ‘bring it on’ was the mindset till fate intervened. Manav hurt his back in a way that it put him out of action for the rest of the season.

By the start of 2020, hope had started to flicker. It wasn’t about the warnings of a pandemic threatening to engulf the world, it was a battle on the personal front. The pain refused to settle down and despite the doctor’s advice Manav teed off again at Q-School.
The spirit was strong but with a broken body he didn’t stand a chance.

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A stomach ailment at this juncture was like a double whammy. Deciding to bide his time while the body healed, Manav worked gingerly on the sidelines.


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Coming from here, finishing joint leader at PGTI’s Pre-Qualifying 1 last week at the Kalhaar Blues and Greens Golf Club is worth its weight in gold.

The Final Stage awaits, but that will be when the situation is conducive. Till then, Manav will be striving for that leap and quietly acknowledging the moment that could well be a stepping stone.

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